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Updated January 9, 2014


Robert R. Brown



Irene Bennett Brown Biography Irene Bennett Brown Books in print Writing Appearances PHOTOS Contact Me Favorite Links Writing Mail: rrbrown@proaxis.com
Where Danger Danced, the second book in my Celia Landrey mystery series, and Where Gable Slept, the first are available as trade or ebooks. Order  from: Amazon.com or Barnes&Noble or your indie book store thru Ingram.

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“Irene Bennett Brown keeps the promise of her gifted writing and love for history inside this fine contemporary mystery. I loved it.”
Jane Kirkpatrick, Award-winning author of An Absence So Great.
“A delightful cozy mystery.”
Alice Duncan,
Award-winning mystery author
Celia Landrey is guiding her last walking-tour of the season in historic Pass Creek. Myriad tasks await her attention, such as planning her wedding to handsome cowboy real estate agent, Jake Flagg. Discovery of Smoke Allenby’s bones wasn’t on the agenda. But there they are, turned up in the removal project of an old underground fuel tank at Jolly Hoffman’s service station. A situation Celia, town leader, can hardly ignore.
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Irene Bennett Brown
For a couple of years in the mid-1960s, I was women’s page editor for a farm newspaper. Part of my job was to write a weekly column, subjects whatever was on my mind. These observations, some humorous others poignant, had to do with small-town life, family, the seasons, and memories from my childhood. During the same period I wrote feature stories for Sunday newspaper ‘magazines’. This collection is my “sort of memoir” of the times.
ISBN: 978-0-9884830-1-9
Newest Book!
In Chaff ‘n’ Chatter I depart briefly from writing novels to tell of my own life.
"Take a snippet of history, a tad of nostalgia, priceless photos, several small town delights (like mint princesses and the benefits of a back yard where kids imaginations turn old wagons into stage coaches). Put them together with quotes from Byron and Emerson and a few other poets in just the right measure and you'll savor insight and wisdom across the years and generations. You'll also be holding in your hands another Irene Bennett Brown classic.
Chaff 'n' Chatter is a writer's research tool, inspiration and just plain good reading. I confess to a bit of the green-eyed envy that this award-winning writer has been writing this well since the 1960s. She must have come out of the womb with well-spoken words. How fortunate we all are that she's saved them and chosen to share them now in this wonderful collection of essays I'll treasure."
--Jane Kirkpatrick, New York Times Best-selling author of Homestead, A Memoir.
“Where Danger Danced is an enticing read hard to put down.”
-Midwest Book Review
“Entertaining and captivating! Where Danger Danced is a perfect sequel to Where Gable Slept.”
-Mary E Trimble
Where every old house has a story...