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Description of flexible solar panels

1: crystalline silicon solar cells and flexible solar cells compared
Traditional crystalline silicon solar cells capacity, the conversion of sunlight can reach 20% (laboratory data), up to 17% on industrialization, technology maturity, decay and a series of small advantages! Its shortcomings are obvious: must be enclosed in glass, the weight of large, bulky, portability is not strong, the installation must be considered when the bracket, wind properties, installation and a series of problems.

Light weight, flexible solar cells, and can be folded, curled, or even paste in the other surfaces, such as automotive glass, clothes and so on. Scientists constantly strive to improve its conversion efficiency to enable them to apply early.

2: The history of the development of flexible solar
University of California in 2002 by means of nanotechnology and polymer scientists have developed a flexible solar cells. The battery is like a sandwich, sandwiched between the electrodes on both sides of a few hundred nanometers thick organic film, is one of the most critical CdSe nanorods, nanorods that are subject to specific wavelengths of light can be generated after the electron irradiation hole pairs, resulting in potential difference. This 1.9% of the solar cell can be transformed into electricity.
Netherlands, France and Portugal scientists named in an H-Alpha Solar (H-AS) the development of flexible solar cells work, H-AS solar cell efficiency is about 13%, but low production costs (per watt 1 euro) and the common good can make up for this shortcoming is not too high efficiency. Development staff intends to H-AS solar cell to further increase the efficiency of about 10%. Their products are likely to occur within 3 years.
Sharp Corporation of Japan in 2004 developed a paper-thin solar cells. This new type of solar cells as large as two business cards, 200 microns thick and weighs about 1 gram, power generation capacity of 2.6 watts. Another advantage is its high photoelectric conversion efficiency, reaching 28.5%.

Additional info

Canon, Tokyo, Japan last year, the company’s researchers invented a new material made by a flexible solar panels. Its characteristics are: resin encapsulated by the amorphous silicon photoelectric conversion layer of tile as the main material in the flexible chassis.
July 2005, Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute solar cell research group developed the world’s most efficient flexible solar cell prototype. The flexible solar cells is very low cost, but will the performance of solar energy into electricity is the traditional silicon-based solar cells twice. It is reported that the thickness of solar cells is only 0.4 mm.
3: the development of industrialization and flexible solar cells
U.S. Iowa Thin Film solar cell manufacturing companies use technology to produce flexible PowerFilm solar products, this technology allows semiconductor (amorphous silicon) deposited in a durable, such as paper-thin flexible polymer substrate, in order to achieve curly manufacturing process. Iowa Thin Film claims that their products are highly integrated, lightweight and low cost, and believe their technology is “transformational.” Iowa Thin Film PowerFilm, said their products are specifically designed for air and space vehicles, they can reduce the cost of photovoltaic products, only about 10% of the normal level. PowerFilm coating process is based on the thickness of 0.05 mm in the composite film based on the non-crystalline silicon. Various models of solar panel output voltage from 3 V (current of 22 milliamperes) to 15.4 V (current of 100 mA), its price ranges from 3-20 U.S. dollars.
U.S. soft (coiled) thin film photovoltaic cells manufacturer Global Solar Energy has announced that its film production line manufacturing of large area flexible thin film PV module conversion efficiency of 10.7% of the industry’s highest to date. According to reports, the company in February this year, the average efficiency of these components more than 10%. Global Solar Energy announced that to enhance the efficiency of its commercial products, this flexible thin film PV confidence. Global Solar Energy is the world’s first think they have the ability to manufacture military and commercial high efficiency flexible thin film solar materials company.

Global Solar Energy Company of these components are designed power 42.5W, will be used for the U.S. military.
4: Flexible solar package
At present, large and small manufacturers of crystalline silicon solar package hundreds of the family, and still continued an upward trend, mainly because I think one of the solar PV industry is indeed booming, I enter the solar industry in 2003, when the package samples with the quality of products on the market today is quite different, very large bubbles and other bad, but basically are in short supply in the state, the package is about 8 yuan profit. Second: Suntech and other “name brand” products qualify, especially Shi Zhengrong’s overnight success, which greatly stimulated the people who became rich overnight, so the packaging manufacturers are springing up there. I believe that the current profits of crystalline silicon package has been very transparent and competitive the manufacturers, component prices are now in his early twenties manufacturers have reported a watt out of the price.
Amorphous solar cells: the current production of amorphous solar cells manufacturers are: Harbin Keluo La, Tianjin energy, energy, Quanzhou are a number of stone manufacturers, but basically the battery is made of amorphous ITO conductive glass amorphous cells, to the nature of the product can carry the inconvenience!
Flexible solar cells: Currently, flexible solar cells make only one package of the company, and I am fortunate enough to come into contact with the package in the industry, material: cloth, EVA, flexible solar cells, ETFE, cloth to open the window, the silicon package with the EVA to the fabric , the surface of ETFE package to seal the purpose of transparency. Flexible solar panel market:

Because the company is currently involved in the industry is almost empty, and the solar industry market is very broad, especially the flexible solar industry needs, makes it relatively unique in the industry, but also because the characteristics of the product, its market will also be very broad: outdoor camping, Backpack portable, attractive appearance of the street, the military markets. The profit is also now crystal silicon package package several times. It is reported that: U.S. UNI-SOLAR will be built in Tianjin, China’s first flexible solar cell production lines. To the inevitable solution to the current phase of silicon when the outsourcing situation. Suggested that if companies want to enter the solar industry can be considered to enter the flexible solar industry!

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Online Era

There’s been lots of discussion surrounding internet marketing. Anybody considering trading in their own individual internet business startup must think about a couple of things. It’ll cost you under beginning a physical retail enterprise. For instance, you might be considering selling an info product inside a specific niche. You might simply need to buy a monthly server space, a website title and hang up an internet site. You will have to establish your program and market your offer to some specific market.

An online business is really a rewarding technique to generate earnings with modest capital investment. An internet business startup ought to be treated like a business enterprise rather than a spare time activity if you plan to create a decent earnings. You will have to invest money and time as with every other business. If this involves work ethic, perseverance and concentrate, you’ll need everything and much more when beginning out. There’s an excellent requirement for self-discipline and consistency when your work from home Online business. Lots of people who fall under hard occasions frantically cling towards the fantasy of having wealthy rapidly with little effort in an online business. They rapidly uncover that there’s lots of work involved to obtain up to date and also the initial reward might not be impressive. However, individuals who stick to it reap the advantages.

An area of debate that lots of Internet entrepreneurs deal with is whether or not to produce their very own items or sell the items of other retailers. Affiliate marketers can earn 1000’s of dollars, per month selling the items of other retailers. Individuals who create their very own items can generate 100s of 1000’s of dollars in sales. Clearly, the cash is within product creation. Small business owners are reluctant to get the time and effort or money essential to create highly marketable items. The simple truth is, if you are no experienced Internet internet marketer or possess a system that’s able to turning out lucrative items, you might be wasting considerable time, energy and cash.

That doesn’t always mean your web business startup shouldn’t concentrate on creating its very own items. If you want to create a lucrative full-time earnings from part-time effort, developing a method is necessary to your business’s success. You will have to be very specific inside your strategic business plan and only develop your products by yourself with expert assistance.

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Local Business

Local businesses are at the center of every community. Cultivating and supporting them creates jobs, but there are many other public benefits which help build a vigorous local economy. Local businesses create choices and diversity, a solid tax base, reduced environmental impact, greater support for nonprofits, a sense of community character and they keep money circulating close to home while encouraging investment.

People need to know these businesses exist and that makes advertising them indispensible. Local businesses are at a disadvantage in today?s economy because of national chains and limited budgets, so they must choose their advertising strategy prudently. They must realize that consumer habits are changing and traditional advertising is not as effective as it once was. The pendulum has swung rapidly towards electronic media like the internet and cell phones. My Zip?s bundled advertising strategy is on the leading-edge and helps local businesses navigate these changes for a fraction of the cost of doing it themselves and substantially cheaper than putting the incremental pieces together one at a time.

There are many reasons for local businesses to advertise and do it continuously. Perceptions will not always be accurate if consumers lack the essential information to make a fully informed decision. National chains bombard us every day, but the consumer usually lacks information on the value local businesses provide. To make matters worse, consumer loyalty has been on the decline in recent years and competition has increased. The National Retail Merchants Association states: “Mobility and non-loyalty are rampant. Stores must promote to get former customers to return and to seek new ones.? Advertising must reach the consumer steadily during the buying process or lose them to more aggressive competitors. Finding an effective way to make advertising pay off over the long haul is the key to success.

A business needs to get people to their location. For every 100 items that shoppers plan to buy, they make 30 unanticipated “in the store” purchases, an NRMA survey shows. Businesses that succeed are usually almost always steady advertisers. Companies that cut advertising can decrease sales by 45%.

So what can a local business do to stand out from the crowd? A great company to consider is MyZip, whose promotional strategy drives traffic to businesses with a smart blend of advertising services. Along with their effective core products, My Zip helps locals support locals, tying local businesses to each other, nonprofits, the consumer and other key organizations. Using an exclusive approach, My Zip? promotes only two businesses per business category, per zip code, thus helping the participating businesses gain a powerful home-field advantage. In addition to exclusivity, the package delivers high visibility, name recognition, cause-related marketing, repetition and a long-term cooperative effort throughout the community. To top it off, My Zip also provides a local Community Specialist to help every step of the way!

Overall, Yellow Page ads are giving way to internet searches. Newspaper subscriptions are at an all-time low and consumers record TV shows,so they can watch them without viewing commercials. To succeed in today?s economic climate, savvy advertisers need to allocate more of their advertising budgets towards the Internet. Americans are getting used to making a purchase wherever and whenever the mood strikes them. Online advertising will reach about nine billion dollars this year and will grow at a rate of 29% per year, which is far outpacing the growth of other advertising forms. Traditionally, advertising campaigns have often focused on highlighting specific products and services, but promotional campaigns are becoming more geared towards building brand equity through high-tech avenues. In addition to the peripheral benefits we?ve discussed, My Zip provides the perfect product solution! An Exclusive Partner with My Zip receives an affordable and comprehensive 3-fold online and offline advertising strategy that will expose their local business to the public eye. Local businesses that register as Exclusive Partners receive all three of the following services for one low monthly fee.

1. The Buy Local? ZipTag? Program is a great way for locals to support their local community, nonprofits and key organizations while they themselves benefit. The inexpensive ZipTag has a tangible built-in value, as it affords consumers valuable offers and discounts to help draw customers and increase sales, and the ZipTag also doubles as a valuable property recovery service. ZipTags can be put on key chains, cell phones, iPods, laptops, cameras and other valuable items, thus the consumer will always carry your business with them. If these items are lost, there is a phone number on the ZipTag and My Zip will help return the items to the ZipTag holder. Lost keys that are found can simply be dropped in any mailbox.

ZipTags are also a perfect fundraiser. Nonprofits benefit from increased fundraising and cause-related marketing makes a local business known as one of the good guys in the community. People will associate your business with helping a worthy cause and the consumer will feel all the more satisfied with their purchase.

2. The Be Found service submits participating businesses to over 140 local online directories and maintains them long-term. This service is available with or without a website, as My Zip provides a landing page in the ZipTag Directory where each business can include a map, directions, contact information, pictures, specials, and other pertinent information. Google claims that 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. Your business needs to be where your customers are and your customers are online.

3. Mobile Marketing is an advertising venue that a local business can no longer choose to ignore. Mobile purchases are set to quadruple by 2014 and if a business wants to remain competitive, mobile marketing technology will be one of the keys to their success. According to Wikipedia, there are nearly 302,947,098 mobile phones in use in the U.S. Consumers are rapidly adopting mobile applications as a vehicle to research and purchase goods and services. ?There may be an increasing advantage of having a mobile presence as consumers come to expect access to companies while they’re on the go.? Steve Cox, President and CEO, Council of Better Business Bureaus.

If you?re looking for an affordable way to build vital online awareness, beat your competition and grow your business, you?ve found it! My Zip?s Exclusive Partner program encourages the values we want reflected in our neighborhoods. Join My Zip today!

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